Bar Feeder w/optional anodized base shown for reference. Machine and control are not included.

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Pneumatic Bar Feeder

  • Base Price: Starts at $1,760.36
  • The bar feeder is made with high-quality materials and components, which make it both sturdy and durable. The bar feeder parts are made from A2 steel, 12L14 steel, 1018 steel, and 6061 aluminum. All of the parts are made in the USA.
  • Configure Your Bar Feeder with the following options*:
    • No base
    • Aluminum Base
    • Anodized Aluminum Base
    • Relay (needed if you are using with the MASSO G3 Touch Controller)

*Click on the CONFIGURE NOW button to select the upgrade options at the Chucker product page.

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Shown without the optional aluminum base. (Click on the image for a larger view)

About the Pneumatic Bar Feeder

Our bar feeder system was designed to work with our Accu-Pro Turn Ball Screw Chucker Lathe and our Chucker Lathe, in conjunction with our 3C Lever Collet Closer. The addition of the bar feeder to our chucker lathe turns our CNC chucker lathe into a fully automated system.

The bar feeder is streamlined and easy to use. Full instructions come with the bar feeder, which cover the assembly, mounting, and operation of the bar feeder.

NOTE: We strongly suggest that you contact us with your machine and control information before you purchase our bar feeder. Then we can make sure that you are ordering the correct bar feeder components for your specific needs.

The bar feeder works with our CNC chucker lathe

  • Contains Industrial Components                                                                                                                                                 
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Stock length: 3'
  • Stock size: 1/64" - 33/64" (1 mm 13 mm)
  • Required air pressure: 70 PSI
  • Bar feeder is available with or without the aluminum base
  • CNC compatible with G-code activation

Shown with optional MASSO G3 Touch Controller.
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Using the Bar Feeder with the MASSO Touch Controller

If you are using the bar feeder with our MASSO Touch controller, you will need to purchase the additional relay and electrical components (P/N 88410) in order to connect the bar feeder to the control. If you purchase the bar feeder when you order your machine, we will install the relay assembly in the MASSO Touch control. If you already own a machine that has a MASSO G3 board, you can purchase the relay assembly and connect it (we have instructions for this). If you are buying the bar feeder and connecting it to a different control, you will need to contact your control manufacturer for wiring details.

The improper use of machine tools and their accessories can result in serious injury. Before using this tool, thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you understand its proper and safe use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating machine tools.

Download PDF 8825 Pneumatic Bar Feeder Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF 8815 Pneumatic Cylinder Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

Click the P/Ns below to download a zipped version of the IGS 3D CAD files. You will need to extract the zip file before viewing the IGS file. 8825 Pneumatic Bar Feeder 3D IGS Model

You need an IGS viewer to view .igs files. CLICK HERE to download a FREE IGS viewer.