Quick-Change 5C Chucks

(Some available in limited quantities)

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Switch from a 5C collet to a 4-jaw or 3-jaw chuck with these quick-change chucks. The machined steel backs fit in a standard 5C collet holder. A few are available with backs other than 5C. (Click on either photo to view a larger image.)

About Sherline Quick-Change Chucks

Chucks with 5C back eliminate wasteful tool changeover labor for many light duty jobs

Now you can enjoy the accuracy of  4-jaw chuck or the convenience of a 3-jaw chuck without the time lost when over changing from a collet setup. Simply remove the 5C collet and install the 5C chuck in the same holder. When the desired operation is completed, go back to the original 5C collet with minimum effort. The savings in labor alone will help these chucks pay for themselves in a very short time. A few chucks with #4 Morse and other backs are also available.

A little history...
Over a decade and a half ago Joe Martin came up with this clever idea. Sherline offered them to the major tool suppliers and they sold like hotcakes. Then, suddenly the orders slowed and stopped. We found out the suppliers had sent our idea over to China and had them copied and were now selling their own immitations. One company even had the nerve to continue using the catalog photo we had supplied to sell their competing chuck. After a while we pulled the advertising for the chucks and stored away what we had left. In a recent inventory, we found several pallets of these chucks in storage. They aren't doing anyone any good sitting there taking up space, so we are putting them up for sale on our industrial products site at www.sherlineIPD.com/othersl.htm. Because they were built at 1995 cost for material and labor, they are being offered at prices far below what the big tool companies charge now. We will sell them at this price until they are gone, but don't wait too long. Quantities of some are very limited.


4-Jaw Quick-Change Chucks

Accuracy not available with a standard Collet

The (independent) 4-jaw chuck is great for use with a lathe or grinding setup when parts are small and when accuracy is critical beyond the tolerances of a collet. By carefully adjusting each jaw individually, parts can be indicated in to perfect centering alignment. It is also useful when a collet of the right size is not available. In addition, the jaws are reversible for holding larger work. This provides a useful, broad clamping range for holding small parts. Slightly pre-loaded jaws provide for the ultimate in accuracy. A chuck key is included.

3.1-inch 4-Jaw Chuck with 1-piece 5C Back—P/N 1045


    • Reversible jaws

    • Hex chuck key

    • Box size: 4 x 4-1/2  x 9"

    • Price: $157.50

    • Part Number: 1045

    • Shipping Weight: 4 lb


3-inch 4-Jaw Chuck with 5C Back—P/N 1020


    • Reversible jaws

    • T-handle chuck key

    • Box size: 4 x 4 x 8"

    • Price: $183.75

    • Part Number: 1020

    • Shipping Weight: 6 lb


4-inch 4-jaw Chuck with 5C Back—P/N 1025


    • Reversible jaws

    • T-handle chuck key

    • Box size: 4 x 4 x 8"

    • Price: $175.50

    • Part Number: 1025

    • Shipping Weight: 6 lb


Other 4-jaw Quick-Change Chucks Available in Limited Quantities

1064    3" 4-jaw with #4 Morse (w/ tang)    $175.00 (2 available)


3-Jaw Quick-Change Chucks

4-inch 3-Jaw Chuck with 5C Back—P/N 1047

Versatile 3-jaw chucks offer the convenience of a quick setup

When convenience is called for when holding parts of different sizes quickly, these precision crafted 3-jaw self-centering chucks have just what you need. The chuck comes with an extra set of hardened steel, reversible jaws to increase the clamping range substantially. A key for tightening the jaws is included.


    • Extra set of reversible jaws

    • Runout: .003" or less

    • Box size: 5.5 x 5 x 9"

    • Price: $183.75

    • Part Number: 1047

    • Shipping Weight: 11 lb


Other 3-Jaw Quick-Change Chucks Available in Limited Quantity

1062 4-inch 3-jaw with #4 Morse taper, threaded for 1/2-13 bolt (While supplies last--Just a few left!)


    • Includes extra set of reversible jaws

    • Chuck key

    • Drawbolt not included

    • Box size: 9 x 5-1/2 x 5

    • Price: $220.50

    • Part Number: 1062

    • Shipping Weight: 11 lb


1060     4" 3-jaw with #4 Morse (w/ tang)    $183.75 (1 available)

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